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Vero Beach Movers Think Environmental For Earth Month

Welcome back to the Coastal Van Lines weekly blog update, where we discuss all things home and moving. To continue with our theme from last week: National Earth Month, today we thought we would talk about sustainability within the home. There are many ways that Vero Beach movers can be conscious of the environment within their homes, without needing to change lifestyles. We will mention a few of them for you, to get the conversation started.

1. Start a compost – If you have a yard, start a pile back away from the house. You can keep a container with a lid in your kitchen and put any compostable material into it (fruit/vegetable matter, egg shells, leftover grains – anything except meat and processed foods). If you don’t have a yard, find somebody local with a garden or a farm that you can bring your material to once a week. Composted material is great for a garden, and great for the earth!
2. Be conscious of paper/plastic bags – Reuse paper and stay away from plastic! Plastic is harmful to the environment and does not decompose. You can also buy a reusable bag in the grocery store, which you can use each time you go shopping.
3. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs – they screw into the typical light bulb socket, but use far less electricity. You won’t need to change them as often!
4. Install a solar water-heater – It is both energy effective and cost effective!
5. Recycle! – Separate your recyclables from your garbage. If you don’t get recycling picked up regularly, set a goal to drop off your cans and boxes a couple of times a month to a local recycling center. It makes a difference!

There are many other ways to take steps towards living a more environmentally friendly life. Do some of your own research if you’re interested! Conducting sustainable projects is a great way to get the whole family involved, and make your home a better place to live.

Happy Earth Month!
Coastal Van Lines, Your Trusted Vero Beach Movers

Reusable Moving Boxes as an alternative to Cardboard Moving Boxes

Why Reusable Moving Boxes Are a Great Alternative to Cardboard!

reusable_moving_boxesGuest Author for Coastal Van Lines: Nate A.

Having personally moved 11 times in the past 15 years I can personally attest to the sheer hassle of not only buying cardboard boxes for a big move, but also on deciding what to do with these boxes upon the completion of the very laborious and time consuming process of physically moving. Whether across the country, or even from one home to another in the same town.  Acquiring moving boxes is a key part of the moving process.

As a young man, I often just shoved as much as I could into cardboard boxes, preferably large or extra boxes. This method, though quick for packing, proved particularly difficult for unpacking.  As I grew older and had a family, we began packing much smarter, and really taking our time to organize.  I quickly purged many of my collegiate textbooks and other hard cover books I hadn’t looked at in at least 3 years.  All-and-all, my wife and I slowly refined the process, but we had lots of practice.

One thing we began to do was to buy large or medium sized plastic bins to store our household goods in our garage.  As a mover, I realized how important and valuable these plastic bins became for a “big move.”  The more plastic bins I had, the less cardboard boxes I needed to acquire.  My last move was primarily, reusable plastic bins, which I had begun to acquire over the past 5 years.  Not only do these plastic bins hold more weight, but I found they were much easier to organize and put larger items within.  Also, I didn’t have to find a lonely space in the garage or attic for a mass surplus of “gently used” cardboard boxes, that I may or may not use again in the near future.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons I use Reusable Plastic Moving Containers vs. Cardboard Boxes

10. Environmentally Plastic Containers make sense. They last for years and can be re-purposed for multiple types of storage.

9. Ever had a leak in your garage or attic?  Plastic Moving Bins are much better for wet surfaces and will not get ruined in the same way that Cardboard can if they get wet.

8. Utility. If you purchase plastic boxes or bins outright, you can reuse them in your garage, attic, basement, etc for holiday items, storing your unused items, or even use them to keep memorable items and keepsakes for years to come.

7. Price.  Believe it or not, renting plastic containers from a “Green” or “Eco-Friendly” Moving Container company can actually be cheaper than buying Cardboard boxes outright.

6. Convenience. If you rent Plastic Eco-Friendly boxes, most of these companies offer free delivery and in some cases free pickup after the move.

5. Time. There are two sides to this coin.  If you rent Plastic Boxes, you are put into a time constraint.  Usually a week or two. This means you are forced to get things packed up and ready much quicker.  On the flip side, if you already own plastic boxes or plastic bins, you can take your time packing, and will not need to make a trip to the Big Box Store to buy any cardboard.

4. Packing. Packing is considerably difficult if you have a hodgepodge of items, box sizes, etc. If you get a larger, standard sized plastic moving bin, your mover will have an easy time using a dolly and stacking these boxes into the moving truck.

3. Durability. I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally broken a cardboard moving box, either right before moving it into the moving van, or during the shifting process that often occurs during packing.

2. Simplicity. If you rent plastic moving bins from a reputable company, not only will you get free pickup and delivery, but often these companies provide a free dolly, twist ties, stickers, and other useful items that will help you ready your home for your moving company.

1. All around less Hassle.  Once you get to your new home, and your movers have unloaded your boxes, you can easily unpack your items, and then stack your reusable plastic moving containers in your garage or spare room. The box rental company will pick up your plastic containers and you will not have to worry about where to store them, or how to get rid of them.

Be sure to Ask Larry Parks about how he moved the Vero Beach Florida County Administrative Offices using Reusable Plastic Moving Bins! His methods saved the county valuable time, money, and eased insurance worries that can come from office workers packing countless cardboard boxes over the course of multiple weeks.



Coast to Coast Moving Companies

Choosing a Coast to Coast Moving Company

coast to coast moverIf you’re getting ready to make a true “Coast-to-Coast” move then there are many factors to consider before you choose a professional moving company.

One of the best ways to make sure you will be in good hands is by choosing a moving company that is highly regarded by your friends, family, and co-workers.  If you don’t know anyone who has moved recently, it’s very helpful to check local reviews from sites like Google Maps, Yelp, and even Facebook Fan Pages. Look for quality comments that speak about the Moving Companies ability to meet customer needs and demands. Testimonials from recent customers can really be a helpful way to understand a company’s reputation.

Choosing a Local Moving Company is a great way to get an in person quote which is also highly recommended and generally the standard practice in the moving industry.  If you speak with a moving company that doesn’t feel it necessary to visit your home, apartment, or office then it is highly likely the estimate will not be as accurate and worse still, you could end up with an unscrupulously “Rogue Moving Company” that may only have the bottom line in mind and not your best interest.

Coast to Coast moves can often be stressful for a homeowner because:

  • They can take multiple days
  • The homeowner may not always be in close proximity with their personal items and the moving truck
  • The cost of a multi-day “Coast-to-Coast” move is more expensive than a 1 day “In-Town” move
  • Time is often of the essence.

Before planning a Coast-to-Coast move, be sure to take the time to do a very thorough inspection of the local movers in your area. Not all movers are created equal and you should take the time to ask as many questions as possible with all of the candidates that you are essentially “vetting” for your home move. Aside from price, which company has the best local reputation, most customer reviews, gave you the most comprehensive estimate, etc.

There is nothing simple about moving but if you take the time early on to carefully choose a reputable company with experience in Coast to Coast moving you will be doing yourself a very big favor in the long run!


Movers Checklist

4 Weeks Before Moving

  • Decide Which items can be thrown away or donated to charity
  • Arrange a transfer of school records
  • Check with your homeowners policy holder to see if your move is covered

3 Weeks Before Moving

  • Plan to use up most of the food in your house before you move
  • Notify the post office of your move and fill out an address change form
  • Notify magazines/newspaper subscriptions of your move

2 Weeks Before Moving

  • Decide Which items you will pack, and which Items Coastal can pack for you
  • Return library books and return all things you may have loaned
  • Properly dispose of flammables, gasoline, aerosols, acids, etc.
  • Arrange utility connections in your new home

1 Week Before Moving

  • If necessary, transfer bank accounts and update online payment options
  • Arrange to have payment ready for your moving truck driver
  • Fill prescriptions and arrange to have them with you in the car
  • Drain water from hoses, and drain gasoline from lawn mower/outdoor tools
  • Leave items for Coastal in their current place (glassware in cabinet, etc)

1 Day Before Moving

  • Put cleaning supplies, toiletries, coffee pot in a special box to be loaded last and unloaded first
  • Defrost and clean, and dry your refrigerator

 Moving Day

  • Be on hand all day to answer questions and confirm your new address
  • Make a final check of every room to make sure nothing is left and your windows and doors are locked in your old home.