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Moving Tips

Vero Beach Movers Celebrate National Earth Month

Welcome back to the Coastal Van Lines weekly blog update, where we discuss all things moving! As your trusted Vero Beach movers, we’d like to take a moment to discuss the great outdoors! April is National Earth month, and as spring is now well underway, we thought we’d talk about earth-related activities that you can consider in the new season.

If you’ve just moved, now is the perfect time to explore your new surroundings. Are there any parks nearby that you haven’t been to yet? Have you checked out your local farmer’s market? These are great things to look into if you’re new to an area. Try going on a picnic or taking a walk. Go see what you can find in and around your new town. Farmer’s markets and flea markets are great opportunities to go meet your new neighbors and community members.

What about planting a garden in your new back yard, patio, or deck pots? Whether you are growing crops or just simply eating them (if you’ve been to the farmer’s market), here is a great guide of when to harvest different crops depending on where you are. You can also search for local farmers depending on your location!

April is National Earth month, so as your trusted Vero Beach movers, we’re encouraging you to go and get outside! If you’re planning an upcoming move but haven’t moved yet, you can still look up these things ahead of time so that you have something to do once you get to your new town. Go online and look up local fun things to do wherever you’re going. Check to see which day the market is and look up local festivals.

Happy spring!
Coastal Van Lines, your trusted Vero Beach movers

Vero Beach Movers Get Ahead With Springtime Moving Plans

Thinking about your springtime move? Looking for a reliable moving company to assist you? At Coastal Van Lines, we are always proud to serve our community of Vero Beach movers. With the busiest moving season upon us, we are getting ready and prepared with our staff and in our offices to do our tasks quickly and efficiently. We are ready for spring, are you?

 Here are some things Vero Beach movers can do to prepare for a move:

  • Choose your moving company:

Look for a ProMover certified moving company to ensure you are working with a legitimate mover and protect you from moving fraud. Make sure that the company you go with is properly insured.

  • Book your move in advanced:

Spring jumpstarts the busiest season of the year! Book your mover in advanced to ensure that you get the scheduled move you need with the mover you want.

  • Do a home clean-out:

You don’t want to be bringing unwanted belongings to your new home that will just take up space and increase the cost of your move. Throw it out, recycle, or donate!

  • Start packing early:

Pick up packing supplies and pack a little at a time. Get as much done as you can early so that by the time moving week comes, you’re not scrambling.

We have worked with a lot of Vero Beach movers over the years, and we know what it’s like to have a rushed move, it is no fun! That is why we highly suggest planning ahead, and starting early. Don’t have time to pack? Don’t worry! Coastal Van Lines offer professional packing services for those Vero Beach movers who are too busy. Just give us a call today to inquire.

Good luck!

Coastal Van Lines, your trusted Vero Beach Movers

Florida Movers Celebrate Hearth and Health

Welcome back to Coastal Van Lines news! February is American Heart Month, and we hope that all of our valued Florida movers are in good health. In this issue, we’d like to discuss some great ways to stay healthy and happy at the close of the winter. We understand that it’s easy to go through cycles of feeling sluggish or lazy, but we also know that moving to a new place offers the opportunity to form new habits and new hobbies. Take a moment to think about what kinds of habits you are pursuing and if they are working for you.

Get outside – Spring is right around the corner. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, the sun is getting stronger each day. Go soak up some of that vitamin D! Take a walk with the family, or plan a weekend trip for the spring. Springtime is the best time of year to go camping, biking, or hiking. If you like any of those activities, take advantage of the season. If not, find something else that you can do outdoors.

Organize your kitchen – Whether you’ve just moved, are planning on moving, or just want to do some spring cleaning, see what kinds of things you have stashed away in your cabinets, is it nutritious? Plan some healthy meals for the week. Keep your body strong by eating foods that are scientifically proven to be beneficial for your heart, such as oatmeal and salmon.

Check in with your doctor. If you’re new in town, look up the different health resources that are available to you on the internet or through your local community center. Do you need to find a new family doctor? Are you thinking about joining an exercise or yoga class but don’t know where to go? Do some research on places to go for healthcare and well-being in your new area. If you haven’t moved recently, it may still be a good idea to schedule a physical if you haven’t had one recently and always a good time to discover a new healthy hobby.

We value each and every one of our Florida movers. Finish out the winter strong, and check in with yourself and your family about health. The American Heart Association is a great resource if you want to learn more about healthy habits to keep your heart strong.

Good Health and Happiness,

Coastal Van Lines, Your Trusted Florida Movers

Southern Florida Moving Company Inspires Home Sweet Home

Happy Valentine’s Day from Coastal Van Lines!  Are you planning to move in with your sweetheart?  Maybe buying or renting your first place together? Soon to be married and planning your living space? The season of love is in the air, and we wanted to take this opportunity as your trusted Southern Florida moving company to give you a few of our favorite tips for decorating the rental home or apartment that you share with your partner.

  • Take a walk through of your home, take a note pad, write down everything that you’d like to change in each room – what color scheme should this room be? Is the furniture arranged in the best way? What ways can we utilize this space better?
  • Go shopping! If you’re on a tight budget, second hand shops and barn sales are great places to find unique décor for your home. Go test out your style!
  • Do some research, look up DIY projects online and in books – there are so many projects that you and your partner can do together to make your space a special one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only your first or second home! You and your beloved have taken the leap to move in together, and you want to make your space feel like it’s something to celebrate, like it’s something that you can share together and get excited about. But how do you renovate an apartment or house to make it feel like it’s your own? As your most reliable Southern Florida moving company, we like to keep our eyes open for home design ideas, and we have found an article that not only keeps things easy, but cheap! Check out this huffington post article, explaining 11 different ways to liven up your rental home. Of course, you can use these tips in your owned home as well.

If you’re new to sharing a home with somebody else, finding a style that matches both of your tastes can be a very exciting and fun time. Don’t let the daunting task of compromise stop you! Keep it light, keep it simple, and keep it fun and don’t forget the flowers and chocolates!

Best of luck,

Coastal Van Lines, your trusted Southern Florida Moving Company

Southern Florida Mover Suggests Quick Fixes-Repairing Home before Sale

Welcome Back to Coastal Van Lines, your go to Southern Florida mover for resources, tips, and services to make your entire move process a smooth success!

With a grand portion of the United States under weather-watch from a string of continuous snow storms, we thought we’d take the time to check in about winter home maintenance. Are you a future Southern Florida mover? Planning an upcoming move? A good way to make sure that your home is ready for market is to take inventory. We touched on this in the last article, concerning personal items, but it is also important to take inventory of the condition of your dwelling. Does anything need to be replaced or repaired in order to sell the house for its maximum value?

If there is a repair that needs to be done, an appliance replacement, or painting, winter is the time to get it sorted so that come market time, your home sticks out on the housing market as a great buy. Take some time this winter to walk around your home and property with a notepad and note repairs and touch-ups that need attention. Prepare your action plan for taking care of any noticeable issues. As a future Southern Florida mover, we thought you might find it helpful to read this great article on“Repairs Before Home Selling Return Rewards”. Click Here to read about the quick fixes that make all the difference in selling your home for top dollar.

Whether you fix the repairs on your own, find somebody to do it for you, or start putting a little money aside so that you can hire a company sometime soon, now is the time for an action plan. Come market time, your home will be a shining star. So get painting, caulking and touching up. It can really go a long way in terms of the value and appeal of your home.

Wishing you all the best this winter,

Coastal Van Lines, your Southern Florida mover for all your moving & storage needs.

Moving with Children

Vero Beach Florida Moving Company Tips

1 in 5 families will move each year. Below are some helpful tips for families that can help make a move with children a bit easier and stress-free.

Be Positive About The Move

Children can tune into the feelings and emotions of their parents.  If you are positive about the move and the moving experience, your children will feel this positivity and will feel more optimistic about the entire experience.

Discuss the Move with Your Children

You should never hide the fact that your family is moving. Instead be open and talk honestly about the move with your children. If they feel comfortable and their routine is not disrupted too much  then they will ultimately have a better experience.

How Different Age Levels May be Affected

Infants will be least affected by the moving experience however, pre-schoolers have the most difficult time. Their sense of identity relies on their parents and their greatest fear is being left behind. If you have a pre-schooler, get them involved in the process and think twice before sending them out to a sitter.

Grade school children are developing a sense of discovery and can find the move new and exciting. Their greatest fear is often around how they will fit in with their new neighborhood and new school.

Teenagers should be encouraged to discuss their concerns since their sense of identity is often tied directly to their friends and social activities. You should encourage them to research the new area where you are moving and ask them to be involved as much as possible.

When is the Best Time to Move?

It is commonly thought that the best time to move is in the summer. Since school is a primary source of friends, moving during the school year allows children to go swiftly from one social situation to another.  Young school-aged children will receive more attention from their teachers since they are “new” to the class and school routine. The transition is never easy, but the best time to move is really dependent on many different factors that directly impact your family.

How To Pack Pictures and Frames

What is the Best Way to Pack Picture Frames?

packing a picture for moving There are obviously many ways to go about packing up the photos and frames within your home, but what is a simple and effective way to pack these items for your move?

One simple method involves using, medium,  large or even extra large cardboard boxes.  Let’s say your frame is a standard 16 in by 20 in. Choose a Cardboard box that is close in size to your frame dimension or just a little bit larger.

  • Pick a Cardboard box that is close in size to your picture or frame.
  • Lay the Un-Taped/Flat Cardboard box on the floor and find the seam on the side.
  • Place your finger gently in the seem or use a letter opener to completely separate the seams
  • Open the cardboard box (which should now be much wider) and completely flat
  • Place your picture or frame inside the cardboard and gently wrap your frame like a present with the flat box
  • Tape the top and bottom of the box, insuring that the frame is not sticking out in any way.
  • If your box is much bigger than your frame, you may need to fold the box over and tape so that the picture is secure within and does not appear too loose.

This tip works great for Less Expensive Artwork or maybe even just precious family photos which have been framed for decades. Packing your photos and their frames doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure your outer “cardboard” layer is secure and the frames within are not moving around too much and that glass is not exposed.

Reusable Moving Boxes as an alternative to Cardboard Moving Boxes

Why Reusable Moving Boxes Are a Great Alternative to Cardboard!

reusable_moving_boxesGuest Author for Coastal Van Lines: Nate A.

Having personally moved 11 times in the past 15 years I can personally attest to the sheer hassle of not only buying cardboard boxes for a big move, but also on deciding what to do with these boxes upon the completion of the very laborious and time consuming process of physically moving. Whether across the country, or even from one home to another in the same town.  Acquiring moving boxes is a key part of the moving process.

As a young man, I often just shoved as much as I could into cardboard boxes, preferably large or extra boxes. This method, though quick for packing, proved particularly difficult for unpacking.  As I grew older and had a family, we began packing much smarter, and really taking our time to organize.  I quickly purged many of my collegiate textbooks and other hard cover books I hadn’t looked at in at least 3 years.  All-and-all, my wife and I slowly refined the process, but we had lots of practice.

One thing we began to do was to buy large or medium sized plastic bins to store our household goods in our garage.  As a mover, I realized how important and valuable these plastic bins became for a “big move.”  The more plastic bins I had, the less cardboard boxes I needed to acquire.  My last move was primarily, reusable plastic bins, which I had begun to acquire over the past 5 years.  Not only do these plastic bins hold more weight, but I found they were much easier to organize and put larger items within.  Also, I didn’t have to find a lonely space in the garage or attic for a mass surplus of “gently used” cardboard boxes, that I may or may not use again in the near future.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons I use Reusable Plastic Moving Containers vs. Cardboard Boxes

10. Environmentally Plastic Containers make sense. They last for years and can be re-purposed for multiple types of storage.

9. Ever had a leak in your garage or attic?  Plastic Moving Bins are much better for wet surfaces and will not get ruined in the same way that Cardboard can if they get wet.

8. Utility. If you purchase plastic boxes or bins outright, you can reuse them in your garage, attic, basement, etc for holiday items, storing your unused items, or even use them to keep memorable items and keepsakes for years to come.

7. Price.  Believe it or not, renting plastic containers from a “Green” or “Eco-Friendly” Moving Container company can actually be cheaper than buying Cardboard boxes outright.

6. Convenience. If you rent Plastic Eco-Friendly boxes, most of these companies offer free delivery and in some cases free pickup after the move.

5. Time. There are two sides to this coin.  If you rent Plastic Boxes, you are put into a time constraint.  Usually a week or two. This means you are forced to get things packed up and ready much quicker.  On the flip side, if you already own plastic boxes or plastic bins, you can take your time packing, and will not need to make a trip to the Big Box Store to buy any cardboard.

4. Packing. Packing is considerably difficult if you have a hodgepodge of items, box sizes, etc. If you get a larger, standard sized plastic moving bin, your mover will have an easy time using a dolly and stacking these boxes into the moving truck.

3. Durability. I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally broken a cardboard moving box, either right before moving it into the moving van, or during the shifting process that often occurs during packing.

2. Simplicity. If you rent plastic moving bins from a reputable company, not only will you get free pickup and delivery, but often these companies provide a free dolly, twist ties, stickers, and other useful items that will help you ready your home for your moving company.

1. All around less Hassle.  Once you get to your new home, and your movers have unloaded your boxes, you can easily unpack your items, and then stack your reusable plastic moving containers in your garage or spare room. The box rental company will pick up your plastic containers and you will not have to worry about where to store them, or how to get rid of them.

Be sure to Ask Larry Parks about how he moved the Vero Beach Florida County Administrative Offices using Reusable Plastic Moving Bins! His methods saved the county valuable time, money, and eased insurance worries that can come from office workers packing countless cardboard boxes over the course of multiple weeks.



How to Spot a “Rogue” Mover

Spotting a “Rogue” mover or moving company can be difficult for the average consumer. There are a few red flags that we believe will help you make an informed decision if you decide to use a professional moving company. With the busy moving season upon us, it’s certainly in your best interest to heed these warning signs.

  • Did you get a “low ball” quote over the phone or on the Internet only?
  • Did the moving company offer to visit your home or did you merely get a quote that sounded too good to be true?
  • The moving company’s website has no reviews and when you ask for reviews you are told “there are too many to count.”
  • The moving company is not licensed or cannot seem to locate their license info when you ask for it.
  • The moving company only accepts cash or money orders
  • The moving company only uses rental trucks, instead of company owned trucks.
  • The moving company does not have a warehouse or a physical location is non-existent.

If you are looking for a mover be sure to consider all of these important factors and be sure to ask your mover many questions. If your moving company can’t answer simple questions, such as these, then you might have accidentally contacted a  “Rogue” mover who may give you a great price but at a high risk for you and your family.


Movers Checklist

4 Weeks Before Moving

  • Decide Which items can be thrown away or donated to charity
  • Arrange a transfer of school records
  • Check with your homeowners policy holder to see if your move is covered

3 Weeks Before Moving

  • Plan to use up most of the food in your house before you move
  • Notify the post office of your move and fill out an address change form
  • Notify magazines/newspaper subscriptions of your move

2 Weeks Before Moving

  • Decide Which items you will pack, and which Items Coastal can pack for you
  • Return library books and return all things you may have loaned
  • Properly dispose of flammables, gasoline, aerosols, acids, etc.
  • Arrange utility connections in your new home

1 Week Before Moving

  • If necessary, transfer bank accounts and update online payment options
  • Arrange to have payment ready for your moving truck driver
  • Fill prescriptions and arrange to have them with you in the car
  • Drain water from hoses, and drain gasoline from lawn mower/outdoor tools
  • Leave items for Coastal in their current place (glassware in cabinet, etc)

1 Day Before Moving

  • Put cleaning supplies, toiletries, coffee pot in a special box to be loaded last and unloaded first
  • Defrost and clean, and dry your refrigerator

 Moving Day

  • Be on hand all day to answer questions and confirm your new address
  • Make a final check of every room to make sure nothing is left and your windows and doors are locked in your old home.