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Choosing a Coast to Coast Moving Company

coast to coast moverIf you’re getting ready to make a true “Coast-to-Coast” move then there are many factors to consider before you choose a professional moving company.

One of the best ways to make sure you will be in good hands is by choosing a moving company that is highly regarded by your friends, family, and co-workers.  If you don’t know anyone who has moved recently, it’s very helpful to check local reviews from sites like Google Maps, Yelp, and even Facebook Fan Pages. Look for quality comments that speak about the Moving Companies ability to meet customer needs and demands. Testimonials from recent customers can really be a helpful way to understand a company’s reputation.

Choosing a Local Moving Company is a great way to get an in person quote which is also highly recommended and generally the standard practice in the moving industry.  If you speak with a moving company that doesn’t feel it necessary to visit your home, apartment, or office then it is highly likely the estimate will not be as accurate and worse still, you could end up with an unscrupulously “Rogue Moving Company” that may only have the bottom line in mind and not your best interest.

Coast to Coast moves can often be stressful for a homeowner because:

  • They can take multiple days
  • The homeowner may not always be in close proximity with their personal items and the moving truck
  • The cost of a multi-day “Coast-to-Coast” move is more expensive than a 1 day “In-Town” move
  • Time is often of the essence.

Before planning a Coast-to-Coast move, be sure to take the time to do a very thorough inspection of the local movers in your area. Not all movers are created equal and you should take the time to ask as many questions as possible with all of the candidates that you are essentially “vetting” for your home move. Aside from price, which company has the best local reputation, most customer reviews, gave you the most comprehensive estimate, etc.

There is nothing simple about moving but if you take the time early on to carefully choose a reputable company with experience in Coast to Coast moving you will be doing yourself a very big favor in the long run!


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