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Moving with Children

Vero Beach Florida Moving Company Tips

1 in 5 families will move each year. Below are some helpful tips for families that can help make a move with children a bit easier and stress-free.

Be Positive About The Move

Children can tune into the feelings and emotions of their parents.  If you are positive about the move and the moving experience, your children will feel this positivity and will feel more optimistic about the entire experience.

Discuss the Move with Your Children

You should never hide the fact that your family is moving. Instead be open and talk honestly about the move with your children. If they feel comfortable and their routine is not disrupted too much  then they will ultimately have a better experience.

How Different Age Levels May be Affected

Infants will be least affected by the moving experience however, pre-schoolers have the most difficult time. Their sense of identity relies on their parents and their greatest fear is being left behind. If you have a pre-schooler, get them involved in the process and think twice before sending them out to a sitter.

Grade school children are developing a sense of discovery and can find the move new and exciting. Their greatest fear is often around how they will fit in with their new neighborhood and new school.

Teenagers should be encouraged to discuss their concerns since their sense of identity is often tied directly to their friends and social activities. You should encourage them to research the new area where you are moving and ask them to be involved as much as possible.

When is the Best Time to Move?

It is commonly thought that the best time to move is in the summer. Since school is a primary source of friends, moving during the school year allows children to go swiftly from one social situation to another.  Young school-aged children will receive more attention from their teachers since they are “new” to the class and school routine. The transition is never easy, but the best time to move is really dependent on many different factors that directly impact your family.

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