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How To Pack Pictures and Frames

What is the Best Way to Pack Picture Frames?

packing a picture for moving There are obviously many ways to go about packing up the photos and frames within your home, but what is a simple and effective way to pack these items for your move?

One simple method involves using, medium,  large or even extra large cardboard boxes.  Let’s say your frame is a standard 16 in by 20 in. Choose a Cardboard box that is close in size to your frame dimension or just a little bit larger.

  • Pick a Cardboard box that is close in size to your picture or frame.
  • Lay the Un-Taped/Flat Cardboard box on the floor and find the seam on the side.
  • Place your finger gently in the seem or use a letter opener to completely separate the seams
  • Open the cardboard box (which should now be much wider) and completely flat
  • Place your picture or frame inside the cardboard and gently wrap your frame like a present with the flat box
  • Tape the top and bottom of the box, insuring that the frame is not sticking out in any way.
  • If your box is much bigger than your frame, you may need to fold the box over and tape so that the picture is secure within and does not appear too loose.

This tip works great for Less Expensive Artwork or maybe even just precious family photos which have been framed for decades. Packing your photos and their frames doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure your outer “cardboard” layer is secure and the frames within are not moving around too much and that glass is not exposed.

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