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How to Spot a “Rogue” Mover

Spotting a “Rogue” mover or moving company can be difficult for the average consumer. There are a few red flags that we believe will help you make an informed decision if you decide to use a professional moving company. With the busy moving season upon us, it’s certainly in your best interest to heed these warning signs.

  • Did you get a “low ball” quote over the phone or on the Internet only?
  • Did the moving company offer to visit your home or did you merely get a quote that sounded too good to be true?
  • The moving company’s website has no reviews and when you ask for reviews you are told “there are too many to count.”
  • The moving company is not licensed or cannot seem to locate their license info when you ask for it.
  • The moving company only accepts cash or money orders
  • The moving company only uses rental trucks, instead of company owned trucks.
  • The moving company does not have a warehouse or a physical location is non-existent.

If you are looking for a mover be sure to consider all of these important factors and be sure to ask your mover many questions. If your moving company can’t answer simple questions, such as these, then you might have accidentally contacted a  “Rogue” mover who may give you a great price but at a high risk for you and your family.


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